Downloadable documents for this year’s AGM

End of year accounts

Rally accounts


Apologies for the delay in progressing the mechanics of the AGM,  it’s been a busy
time of year for everybody.

Here follows the annual report from the Committee, for members to review and discuss
in the run up to voting. To help with the administrative processes of the AGM it
would be appreciated if members could converse in segregated threads for the various
topics arising, and with appropriate subject headings.

Discussion can continue until 12:00 noon on Weds 20th December, after which a formal
AGM agenda will be drafted. This will be circulated in the first week of the New
Year and voting will be open until 12:00 noon on Sat 20th January. 

1) Membership Secretary’s report - Brian Holt

Membership is down by six compared with last year and stands at 132. Four members
have advised non-renewal after giving up their boating. Would any members not
renewing please let me know to save me chasing up in the New Year.

The new website was set up including a “members only” forum and there have been some
confusions about the access arrangements. To clarify this I will be including the
sign-on details on members’ 2018 membership cards.

I still have flags and stickers for sale and, if purchased with the membership
renewal, saves on postage. Full details on the website at

The Treasurer and myself both appreciate speedy renewals as it much reduces our
workload when we can process them in large batches.

2) Treasurer’s report – Graham Keens

Following the trend of recent years the club operated with a surplus. Funds
increased by £466.65 and the cash balance is now £4,133.35. A link to the full
accounts will be provided shortly.

The 2017 Annual Rally at The Blue Lias unintentionally generated a profit of £74
following the re-format without the professional entertainment. This sum will be
held over as a float to the next Club rally/event. An additional sum of £211.20
generated from the raffle, auction and book sale was paid over to Breast Cancer UK,
the charity selected at the event.

3) 2018 Club rally/events

We have no candidate for Rally Organiser, if someone is prepared to stand please
announce yourself on this list, or privately to any of the Committee.

Please use this AGM period to make any suggestions or observations concerning future
rally/events. The Committee encourages discussion here and at any time on the
general list but proposes in future to decouple the rally/event discussions from the
formal AGM business.

The Committee holds the view that any such social events should be self-financing,
although that does not rule out the option of a special grant of financial support
towards a Club event, at the discretion of the elected Committee. 

4) Election of Officers/Committee

Sheila Goodland is not seeking re-election as Secretary.

Julian Tether and Brian Holt continue in the second year of their current terms as
Commodore and Membership Secretary respectively. 

The following members have been proposed (P) and seconded (S) to serve on the
Committee, in specific roles where stated.


Graham Keens: Treasurer         P: S Heaven         S: S Witwicki


Linda Gifford-Hull: Secretary         P: G Peckett                  S: B Holt

Re-elect en bloc

Glen Peckett                           P: B Holt                  S: C Evans

Connie Evans                           P: G Peckett         S: G Keens

Steve Heaven                           P: J Tether                  S: B Holt 

5) CIBC Website

Our thanks to Steve Heaven for a super effort designing and re-launching our
website, acknowledging also the sterling work by Connie Evans sustaining the
original site for so many years.

Please visit and let’s have any feedback. The teething problems with
the forum are regretted and are being addressed as mentioned in the Membership
Secretary’s notes above.

6) Communication by club forum platform instead of Yahoo Groups

This is a knotty subject and has been the subject of Committee debate. We apologise
for not making any comments or announcements through the year. Yahoo is far from
perfect but the Committee is generally of the view that the members have expressed a
preference for a continuation of the “push” email communication channel.

Our own website forum is not intended to replace either or both options, but it does
allow members to share photos within the confines of the Club and other facilities
which have not yet been fully explored.

The Committee invites those members who were enthusiastic about the benefits of the
forum platform to restate their case/suggestions, for further objective assessment
outside the scope of the AGM.

Above all the Committee believes that the majority of members are satisfied with the
present arrangement and does not have the resource to cope with dual or multi
channel operations.

7) Club cash balance

Clearly the Club has operated with an increasing surplus for several years. That is
a healthy condition and does not cause the Committee great concern.

However there is a proposal for members’ consideration. It is proposed for the
membership year 2019 (the year after next) that there will be a free subscription to
all members RENEWING from membership in 2018. This ties in with the celebration of
the Club's 20th anniversary.

New members joining in 2019 will be required to pay the normal joining fee and

8) Charitable donations

There has been some debate on this and the Committee have reviewed the various
comments made by members. The view held is that the ONLY charitable donations made
by the Club, in the normal course of business, should be the distribution of funds
raised by auctions, raffles etc at any rally or social event, assuming they are
surplus to the running costs of the event.  

The Club is not established for charitable purposes and the Committee do not feel
that they should be burdened with charitable dilemmas. 

We look forward to the comments and discussions over the next 10 days.

CIBC Committee