• To represent the organisation at official functions.


    • To set the overall annual committee agenda (consistent with the views of members).


    • To assist the committee in setting and achieving the goals and objectives of the organisation.


    • To preside at meetings when available to do so. (Usually on-line).


    • To represent Cutweb at AWCC and IWA or similar organisations to which the club may be affiliated and attend regional meetings.


  • To welcome new members to the club by whatever means is appropriate.


    • To provide a postal address and deal with all non-electronic communications
      which come to the club via that address.


    • To receive electronic communications from other organisations (AWCC, IWA) and
      distribute their contents to the Commodore and relevant recipients within
      the club.


    • To draft communications for internal and external publication.


    • To distribute those communications as necessary after content is by the


  • To arrange the third party insurance required to cover any events the club may
    wish to hold.

Approximate time required: 1-2 hours per week averaged out across a year.


    • To manage the on-line bank account.


    • To manage the Paypal account.


    • To process subscription payments.


    • To pay cheques into current account.


    • To pay for any items required by the club or reimbursing club officers who
      do so from their own funds.


    • To prepare end of year account balance sheet for AGM.


    • To pay annual membership fees to organisations to which the club is affiliate.


  • To provide a postal address for Cutweb financial communications.

Approximate time required: 1 – 2 hours per week.

Membership Secretary

    • To maintain an up to date database of members, their addresses, email address and boats.


    • To manage the AGM  mailing list, inviting members as necessary and deleting ex-members when they leave the club.


    • To accept email applications from potential members and provide them with information about the club and procedure for joining.


    • To send a  invitation to join the  Cutweb maillist, a welcoming email, AWCC membership card, CIBC window sticker and letter showing what information the club holds on them on receipt of confirmation of payment from a new member.


    • To post a reminder, at the end of the year, that renewals are due on the mailing list.


    • To send, in the new year, reminders to all members who have not renewed their membership send a second and third reminder as necessary.


    • To remove lapsed members from the  mailing list,  AGM list and database.


    • To liaise with the Treasurer to maintain a supply of AWCC membership cards and window stickers.


    • To monitor the mailing list for spam and compromised accounts, putting members on and removing from moderation as necessary.


  • To print and post membership cards to all members as they renew their memberships.

Approximate time required: 1 hr per week for 46 weeks and 2 hrs a week for 6 weeks (October – January)

Committee Members

  • To support the officers with committee matters and deputise when required.

Voluntary Webmaster

    • The role of webmaster is a voluntary one, to be filled as and when a vacancy occurs. It is not an elected committee post.

Any skill level of web design and FTP from basic knowledge to professional expertise would be acceptable.

  • To liaise with the committee with regard to maintaining and updating the
    club website as and when required.