1. The name of the Club shall be the Cutweb Internet Boating Club
  2. The aims of the Club shall be:
    a) To stimulate interest in Waterways and the Internet in general.
    b) To provide assistance actual or virtual to other Waterway users.
    c) To have at least one annual social gathering of as many members as possible.
    d) To have as many regional social gatherings as possible throughout the rest of the year.
  3. The colours of the Club shall be a red circle around a black web with a narrowboat in the centre all on a white background. The Club’s name to appear in full in black in the circle around the web.
  4. Membership applications will only be accepted by E-mail. The Committee reserves the right to accept or renew membership. All members will agree to abide by the Rules. Subscriptions for the following year will be fixed at the Annual General Meeting by a simple majority.
    There will be two classes of membership:
    1: Full Membership
    Open to all on payment of subscription.
    Entitles member to AWCC membership, vote at AGM, attendance at social events and access to club social media.
    2: Associate Membership
    Only open to previous Full Members at no cost.
    Entitles member to attendance at club social events and access to club social media.
  5. The following officers shall be elected to serve for two years and shall be subject to election at the Annual General Meeting every other year:
    Commodore, Secretary, Treasurer, and Membership Secretary.
    The positions of Commodore and Membership Secretary shall be elected on even years and Treasurer and Secretary shall be elected in odd years in order to retain continuity in the management of the Club.
    The Rally Organiser and three committee members shall be subject to election at the Annual General Meeting every year.
    Vacancies that may occur between elections can be filled by the invitation of the remaining Committee members
  6. The activities of the Club shall be controlled by the Committee. The Committee as outlined in paragraph 5 shall have the power to co-opt additional people who are able to render special services.
  7. It shall be the duty of the Committee to ensure the aims of the Club are met and to exercise a general oversight of its activities. Committee members may delegate any of their powers to sub-committees of such members or member of the Club as they think fit. Any sub-committee so formed shall conform to the regulations imposed on it by the Committee.
  8. The Club’s finances shall be arranged as follows:
    a) The Committee shall have the right to reimburse themselves from Club funds for expenditure involved in the direct running of the Club.
    b) The Committee shall have the power to undertake contracts of any kind for the supply of goods and services to or for the purpose of the Club.
    c) The Committee shall cause accounts to be kept of all monies belonging to the Club. Such accounts are to be presented at the Annual General Meeting.
    d) The funds of the Club shall be kept in an interest earning account.
    e) The Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Secretary shall be signatories to the bank accounts of the Club and the signatures of any one shall be required on any instrument dealing with the funds of the Club.
  9. The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held once a year. This may be held over the internet using the Club’s discussion forum. General Meetings can be convened if five or more members suggest it. Not less than four weeks notice shall be given before either such meeting. Nominations for the Committee and items for the agenda must be received by the Secretary no later than twenty days before the date of the meeting. The agenda and nominations shall be circulated to all Club members at least ten days before the meeting. Nominations must be supported by proposer and seconder after the consent of the nominee has been obtained. If the nominations exceed the number of vacancies a Ballot shall take place. Members who are unable to attend may pass details of their votes for the election of officers to the Secretary by the morning of the meeting.
  10. Alteration to the Constitution may be passed at General or Annual Meetings after notice has been given on the agenda for that meeting. No such resolution shall be carried unless those voting in favour are at least two thirds of the total vote.